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Managing Information Systems for Housing Practitioners

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Managing Information Systems: Providing Practical Solutions to Housing Practitioners is a one-day course that is aimed at staff working in Housing Sections of Local Authorities.

This intensive training course will be of particular relevance to those who work on the coalface of Housing. Participants may work as line managers and manage a team of staff or may be a Team Member. Participants may work with large volumes of data and are required to produce reports regularly to management. This programme seeks to empower participants by providing the knowledge that will help develop a more structured and systematic approach to managing your data and help you produce reports from your Systems.

An effective Management Information System is an essential tool for processing data in a manner that provides accurate and current information to management and thereby facilitate strategic decision-making. Planning, controlling and administrating are the main components of such a system and therefore form the basis of this training programme.

Given that iHouse is the system most commonly used by Local Authorities, it will be referred to in this training.

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Application Deadline
Bookings for this course will close one week prior to course start date.

Who Is It For?

This course will be of interest to all staff working in Housing Sections of Local Authorities who wish to explore ways to manage information / data more effectively and efficiently.

Delivery Method

This one-day course will run from 9:30am to 5:00pm. Participants will received course documentation on the day.

Course Content

The course will cover the following areas:

Management Information System: What is it? Why do we use it? Where is it? When do we need to do it?
Why information / data management is so important with regards to Quality, Efficiency, Compliance, Security and Sharing.
Are you using your system to the best of its functionality?
How to unleash the power of Project Management, we discuss how to break down projects into manageable tasks.
Using project management skills to deliver key tasks on time with the resources available e.g. managing the Summary of Housing Assessments Project Life Cycle.
Problem Solving and the Formulation of Solutions.

Methods to find problems.
How to investigate the problem and formulate and implement a solution.
Discussion and demonstration of practical solutions to common housing issues e.g. Delivery of SSHA, Stock Reconciliation.
Reporting - How and Where to get your Data.

Demonstration of iHouse (iReports) and how to Run, Sort, Filter, Group and Export Data to Excel. How to use Excel's functionality to further manipulate your data e.g. Auto Filter, Pivot Tables.
For teams that deal with Applications the training will demonstrate how to:
Use iReports to identify Datasets for delivery of SSHA Project.
Produce reports for your Council Meetings.
Build a review process to review Qualified Households.
For Property Management Teams the training will demonstrate how to:
Manage and account for your Stock Portfolio.
Report by important fields e.g. Municipal District / Acquisition Type.
For Tenancy Management teams the training will demonstrate how to:
Reconcile your active tenancies with your Financial Management System.
Compile reports by Municipal District.

Evaluation Method(s)

To complete the course, participants will be given an Impact Assessment Test. This is an online multi-choice test to embed the informatIon provided during the course. It normally takes place approximately two weeks after the course and can be undertaken a number of times if necessary.

Lunch provided

Parking available

Handout/Notes Provided


Note On Costs

The cost of this one-day course is €250 per person. Fee includes course materials, lunch and refreshments.

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