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IPA: Professional Diploma in Housing Studies 2018/19 ***commences September 2018***

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The Professional Diploma in Housing Studies—the first course of its kind in Ireland— has been developed to provide an in-depth and analytical treatment of social and supported housing. Housing studies is a field of immense importance in Ireland and elsewhere.  It is vitally important that those interested in housing studies have expertise in the prevailing theories, recurring issues and the contentious problems. This professional qualification  will furnish participants with that expertise.

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Institute of Public Administration

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1 academic year

Application Deadline
Mid-August 2018

Key Facts

Housing studies is a field of immense importance in Ireland and elsewhere. The provision of social and affordable housing and of different types of housing supports and rental assistance are key parts of the modern welfare state. Such provision is complex, however, and affected by economic and social considerations, legislation, and broader policy frameworks. It is vitally important that those interested in housing studies—whether they work in local authorities, government departments, the voluntary and advocacy sectors, relevant state bodies or elsewhere—have expertise in the prevailing theories, the recurring issues and the contentious problems that define the contemporary housing studies field in Ireland and abroad. This professional qualification, which can be taken from anywhere in the country, will furnish participants with that expertise.

Who Is It For?

The programme has a very broad appeal. Participants may have a personal interest in housing studies or may have professional responsibilities that would be well-served by a discrete qualification in this area. Those with a professional interest in housing often work in local government, in the civil service, in state or voluntary bodies or in advocacy organisations especially concerned with the provision and management of housing services. Whether they work in management, administrative or technical positions, this professional diploma will meet their needs by providing a comprehensive introduction to housing studies in Ireland.

Course Content

This Professional Diploma covers the following topics:

The Housing Market: affordable housing, public housing and rental assistance;
Issues for the Welfare State: social protection and the provision of housing services;
Housing policy in Ireland in a comparative context;
Public Policy Making: from social problems to housing outputs and socio-economic outcomes;
Housing Acts 1966 - 2009: the regulatory framework for housing in Ireland;
The provision of social housing support in Ireland: the roles of public, private and voluntary sectors.
The future direction of housing policy.

Entry Requirements

Certificate in Housing Studies (accredited by IPA/UCD/NUI) or equivalent


National University of Ireland (NUI)

Lunch provided

Parking available

Handout/Notes Provided

Other Notes / Information

Place on NFQ: Level 8 (Special Purpose award)

Note On Costs

€1,250 (including all matriculation and examination fees), payable in one or two instalments.

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