ICSH Cyber Security Webinar

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With more organisations now embracing new forms of hybrid, remote and mobile working, our reliance on technology is greater than ever. While this technology has undoubted benefits, organisations also have to be more mindful of their cyber security and the new and evolving risks they are exposed to with targeted attacks, phishing, viruses and more.

This webinar will hear from IT experts working in the AHB sector, from an external IT services company and from BHP Insurance to look at insurance cover in this area. This session will be delivered in an approachable way with minimal technical language making the topic accessible to all. Cyber security should be a consideration for all AHBs, large or small, and this webinar will address:

• Why you should take cyber security seriously in your organisation
• Types of cyber security threats
• Technological and non-technological solutions to keep your organisation safe
• The importance of staff training and having the right safety protocols in place
• Particular risks associated with staff that are mobile and working on many devices
• Cost effective ways of addressing your cyber security requirements
• Cyber insurance and what this can offer

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